Chasing the Paper Trail

I guess it proves that I’m a product of the internet age that I never thought to contact the court house regarding records. Only my paternal branch remained in one area after their arrival, so I was able to at least obtain some documents regarding some of those people. 

I have recently met a cousin I didn’t know I had- which was pretty awesome. She had told me that she had emailed the Carbon County court house regarding records and I thought “D’oh! Why have I never thought of this!!”

I received my packet yesterday, but was disappointed to find no major breakthroughs. I did get confirmation of a maiden name. I thought I might have gotten a town origin for my great grandfather, but for some reason, they listed the ethnic name of Hungary as the town. Now maybe it was a town or village at some point, but if you Google “Ungar,” only Hungary comes up. But I was happy to see that my great grandfather had become a citizen- something I didn’t know he had done.

I now have stacks of paper that I need to organize before they got lost, or ruined, or perforated by the kitten’s claws and teeth (he seems to have an affinity for chewing on cardboard and paper). 

My next plan of action is to contact the church that most of my paternal branch attended. I don’t know why, but I am nervous about doing this. I thought about it a while ago, but I’ve put it off for whatever reason.

I noticed that has now uploaded a lot of Pennsylvania death certificates but I was only able to find a few on there and ended up ruining my eyes for an evening going through the indexes of death certificates on the Pennsylvania archive site. Some years, the names are arranged using the Soundex system and then alphabetically by first name. This basically means you have to look through an entire letter for a year (or in my case- multiple years).

After a few weeks, I finally got a reply from North Carolina’s archives. They could not find a death certificate for Sheldon Shaw. I know she was buried in Raleigh, so I just assumed she had died there. But maybe she died in Arizona, where she had been living previously. I looked up the rules for obtaining death certificates from Arizona, and it doesn’t seem that I’ll be able to even try. They have some pretty strict rules about who can obtain documents, regardless of the reason. 

My husband had gotten me a book about tracing ancestors back into Europe. I was looking at it last night and there seems to be some helpful tips I haven’t tried. So I’ll be attempting some of those and I will let you know what works and what doesn’t.


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