Global Family Reunion

A.J. Jacobs is one of my favorite authors. So when I found out his next book was about genealogy I was super-excited. Then I saw that he’s planning on hosting a “Global Family Reunion,” well just awesome!

Jacobs has written books about



reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica,




following all Biblical rules for a year,




using himself as a guinea pig- most memorably (for me) when he outsourced his life for a month,





in which he focuses on health by trying all sorts of fad diets.

Anyways, Jacob’s goal is to beat the world record for largest family reunion, currently held by the Porteau-Boileve family in France. So he needs at least 4,514 relatives to show up.

I don’t know that I would use the sites that he is using for his research (wikitree, geni, werelate) because I have spent way too much time on my tree to allow some random person to change things collaborate. But I suppose it’s fun for discovering distant cousins and putting together a loose genealogical record.

I aim to go to this reunion. We’ve sent Jacobs the information he asked for to prove relationships and I’m hoping to find out that we are, however distantly, related.

New York Times article:

More info at Jacobs’ website:



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